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Stick person on the left is talking to stick person on the right.

Faulty Memory

The stick person on the left is me the day I had forgotten there was a test in one of my classes. I was so stressed about writing…

Two stick figures looking in the mirror, the one on the left sees a question mark in the reflection and the one on the right sees herself.

Before/After Taking This Course

In the beginning of this class I was going through a lot, especially as this was my first semester attending Capilano University. I felt very overwhelmed and had…

Stick figure on the left is standing with question mark in a thought bubble. Stick figure on the right is smiling with thought bubbles filled with colour.

Before/After taking this course

The left side is representing me before taking the course. I didn’t really have an idea of what psychology actually entailed and was curious to see what we’d…

Scene 1: Stick Person 1 asks Stick Person 2 if they remember going to a certain party. Scene 2: Stick person 2 says that the party never happened.

Faulty Memory

I once had a memory of attending a certain birthday party and decided to ask my friend about it. My friend proceeded to tell me that the party…

Scene 1: Stick Person is unable to sleep at night. Scene 2: Stick Person falls asleep in class and teacher becomes mad.


One night I was unable to sleep for some unknown reason. This caused me to be sleepy during the day after and I ended up falling asleep in…

Scene 1: Stick Person 1 asks Stick Person 2 if they can anonymously tell Stick Person 1\\\'s crush that Stick Person 1 likes them. Scene 2: Stick Person 2 agrees and anonymously writes a letter to Stick Person 1\\\'s crush.


In elementary school, my best friend asked me to write an anonymous letter to her crush telling her crush she liked them. I ended up agreeing and writing…

A lady holding a broom sweeping

Unprofessional misdiagnosis

My mom has a huge problem with things being out of place and she’s always cleaning so I always tell her I believe she has OCD

Guy on left is sad with no incense guy on right is happy with incense

Before and After

Before the get cape project I didn’t burn incense normally, now the aroma of it calms me down.

A stick figure on the right side with smiling face and the other stick figure on the left side with frowning face.

Before/After this taking this course

Before I took this class, there were bad situations going on in my life so I was feeling frustrated and easily swayed by negative emotions. I can’t say…

Two stick figures with different views.

Before/After Psych !

Our stick figures views on online learning and lectures have shifted dramatically.

A stick figure sweats nervously as he feels strange but can\'t explain it.

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

The first time I ever had an anxiety attack I thought I was dying. I look back on it now and smile, but at the time it was…

The start of this course I was more of an independent learner and now by the end I have learned to work with others.

Before/after this course

In this comic, I am showing how in the beginning of this course I was more of an independent learner. By the end of this course I have…

a side by side juxtaposition of a person, with the texts \

before and after

This is a comparison of myself from week 1 and week 12!! Thank you to everyone for their help, their company, their knowledge.

2 panels. Before: Im sitting on a bench with my arms crossed in a stressed mood. After: Me, jumping up in gratitude

Before and After

Before attending the psyc 100 course, I was very overwhelmed with work, and with the addition of first year university, the mental aspect of my thoughts were very…

before picture: person w small brain and heart, after picture: person w big brain and heart

Before and After

I really enjoyed this class and the project. Its a new fun way to learn while also paying mind to mental health.

A stick figure stands over a pair of glasses and shouts I found it!


When I was little, on Halloween, my best friend’s older brother lost his harry potter glasses at school. All of us after school decided to go and search…

stick figure is sleeping and dreaming of magic


A few years ago I had a harry potter movie marathon and stayed up way too late watching all of the movies. That night when I was asleep…

Man is in his room, sitting by the corner, talking to friends in the phone, and sleeping for most of the time.


People misdiagnosed me for having depression because I was in my room all day and all night during quarantine.

stick man looks miserable, but gained resonance and love from his 101 class, because of the professor and the colleagues he has acquired through the course.


The friends, the memories, and the lectures along the way have been the most memorable for me from the past four months. I will never see a class…

On left side: Girls face looking sad with words uncertainty, stress and confusing concepts. Right side: girls face looking happy with words understanding relaxed happy and the concepts make sense


Prior to taking this course I was very nervous about learning the concepts and I was stressed about doing schoolwork because I feel uncertain about what im supposed…