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Show a scene of a time in your life when you wrongly interpreted a situation – the story in your head lead you to see what was not really true.

The stick figure in the image is sitting at his work place on a table and chair and looks very anxious and annoyed because he thinks that everybody are talking about him behind his back.

I think they are talking about me

The stick figure is me few years back. As, I used to doubt everyone. And think that they all are talking about me.

The stick figure is imagining that his parents are fighting with each other but when he went to their room they were discussing about their favourite singers and praising them. They love listening to songs and enjoyed their favourite musicians songs.

Jumping to the conclusion.

The stick figure judged his parents conversation as a fight but they were just discussing about their favourites.

two stick figures talking but later on, one of them overthinks about the situation and misread the situation

Jumping to conclusions: wrongly interpreted

it happened a long time ago but me and my now best friend were talking and she seemed so un interested and bored so when she left I…

A stick figure being awake all night and assumes that her sister has COVID due to her coughing constantly in her room.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

In one night during this pandemic, I was hearing my sister coughing quite often. I was convinced she got COVID virus. In the morning, she mentioned that she…

There is a stick figure with a pained expression. Speech bubble that says Owww! my tooth hurts! I\'m going to die.

Jumping to conclusions

I was really young and had gotten a cavity but I like to believe my curiosity got the best of me. I ended up going on google and…

Are they talking about me?

My stick figure is watching her friends have a conversation and she thinks that she overheard them mentioning her name this makes her feel sad and confused, later…

Tall stickman looking at shorter stickman. Shorter stickman is thinking about their dead cat, mourning their death. Tall stickman is smiling.

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

My 2 friends were talking with each other. My friend was mourning the death of their cat for about a week, and it confused my other friend why…

Person hurting ankle playing soccer

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

One time when I was playing soccer, I rolled my ankle and it hurt really bad. All my friends told me it was broken, and because we were…

A person waves to the friend. The person in front of the friend thinks the person is waving to them.

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion

The people are just going down the street and the one on the far right sees a friend and waves to them. The stranger in the middle of…

Stick figure persons is telling what he thinks before entering Canada and after.

Jumping to wrong conclusions

The comic describes the situation at first, this person is thinking that in Canada he will enjoy, eat different type of food, outings and no study but when…

Two stick figure girls having a conversation, the girl on the right of the comic looks relieved hearing what the girl on the left iis saying

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

This comic shows the time where I thought someone didn’t want to be friends with me because they always seemed annoyed when I was around. However, when I…

Stick figure person sitting on her bed with one leg up as it is in pain. She is deciding if she should go to a doctor to get a check up.

Jumping to Conclusions

When I was younger and frequently experiencing growing pains, I became very paranoid that it was something more than just that. I had jumped to the conclusion that…

black background separated by a white line on the top half two stick figures are shown disagreeing and having an argument with speech bubbles and “x’s” accompanying it on the bottom the same stick figures are shown agreeing with check marks floating above their heads

Jumping to Conclusions

This happens fairly often in my household, my mom and grandma sounded like they were having an argument because I heard raised voices. When I went downstairs to…

A stick figure bleeding out and thinking that she broke her bone on the soccer field.


While I was playing soccer, I kicked the ground with my left foot so hard. I thought I broke my foot because it hurt a lot. Later, however,…

two stick figures, a mask and speech bubbles

jumping to conclusions

In the comic I am standing beside someone who is couching during the pandemic. I get very nervous when I am near someone who seems to be sick…

A truck flipped, figure with. A broken leg, and bystanders speculating.

Jumping to Conclusions

When I got in a car accident I broke my leg. In pain and shock I was telling myself I wouldn’t walk again, and I was asking the…

Me walking by a house that has loud noises coming from it

Jumping to conclusions

I was walking by a house one night and hear a bunch of yelling and interpreted it as a fight going on but when I passed, I saw…

Me walking by a house that has loud noises coming from it

Jumping to Conclusions

I was walking by a house one night and hear a bunch of yelling and interpreted it as a fight going on but when I passed, I saw…

One stick figure says \

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

I told my mother that the test that day was difficult. She quickly assumed that I failed it. Which I didn’t.

Making assumptions about what a person was going to say.

Jumping To Conclusions

In this comic I drew two people having a conversation. One of the people in this conversation assumed what the other person was going to say. It lead…