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There is a boy who is stressed out from the course load and attending back to back online classes. to

back story

The boy is boy sitting on his study table to attend his online class nut he has many thoughts running on his mind which are acting as an…

The stick person is feeling overwhelmed. All the thought bubbles floating around the stick person's head are represented by the things stressing the stick figure out.


When I am feeling stressed I often feel like all my responsibilities pile on top of one another and I start to feel swamped. Each task starts to…


When I am feeling stressed I often feel like all my responsibilities pile on top of one another and I start to feel swamped. Each task starts to…

In this modern time of innovation, each and everyone is having distractions that stand up to be unproductive, it can be mobile phones, television or before long, we went through most of the time utilizing it which disturbs our resting cycle and we cannot focus anything like, studies or office work. I am having this am issue since past few months, and which is also imperiling my academics an mental wellbeing as well, so I chose to arrange tp progress it .I would meditate 20 minutes two times per day, and I will be observing the change in my productivity and my focus in studies. I hope the results would be beyond my expectations.

Meditate can change life!

As regards the least one comic, wherein I spent my day playing video games, Netflix and usage of the mobile phone, so I had an extremely ineffective day….

Two Panels, one shows a person on the computer where as the other show\'s a gym

Get Cape Step one: BackStory

This comic portrays a scene of me spending my free time on the computer when I have left little to no attention spent at my home gym. I…

Addiction of using mobile phone all time

Get cape: step 1: back story

I am trying to study but when messages come on my phone or it vibrates, then I am looking at my phone screen again and again and it…

Girl sitting on couch, phone in hand, table in front of girl with homework aand books, application ‘Nextflix’ displayed on TV screen above the fireplace and 3 clocks displaying the whole day going by


The issue in my life I would like to change is my level of productivity. I feel as though there’s a lot of distractions around me such as…

The comic illustrates the merits of exercising and picking up a healthy lifestyle


In my stick figure scene a girl has been following unhealthy lifestyle leading to many problems which she wants to mitigate once she picks up exercising which are…

Stick figure girl feeling happy after eating junk food, she feels sad after experiencing problems due to her addiction to junk food


Generally, this comic describes my daily life exactly. I love junk food and eating outside. However, I am easily upset when I have problems, such as having pimples…

A girl laying on her bed in a dark room with her alarm clock on her nightstand beside her while it reads 3:00am. Also, there is a window in front of her with the moon showing

Get Cape: ‘Step #1 Back story’

This comic shows a girl who is clearly sleep deprived laying on her bed at 3:00am in a dark room. She cannot sleep and it is affecting her…

a stick figure, desk, chair, computer, books, papers, and her thoughts

Get Cape, Step #1

In this comic scene a stick figure is sitting at her deck with all of her homework, books and papers she needs for her University classes. She feels…

Young Girl Stick Figure with red bow making eye contact with robotic blue camera bird.

Myth about Humans

When I was younger, I used to misbehave in class. My mom heard about this and told me that she had bought a robotic bird to spy on…

Stick Figure Girl with purple bow posing as the tooth fairy giving a gift to a sleeping child in a red bed.


My friend’s sister has always wished to receive a gift from the tooth fairy, but her mother wouldn’t enforce her imagination. I felt like a child should experience…

Stick figure holding t-shirt with a stick figure and portal on it


A few years ago I gave my friend a Rick and Morty t-shirt anonymously for secret Santa, they still have no idea that it was from me.

A car going through a tunnel and over a bridge.

Myth About Humans

When I was little my parents and grandparents used to tell me to hold my breath when going through a tunnel, and to lift my feet off the…

An anonymous person bringing flowers to my house. The pink sticker is the flowers.


During the COVID19 lockdown, I wasn’t allowed to see any of my friends. On my birthday someone anonymously left flowers at my house on the front door step….

Two stick figure people facing each other, one has a cup of coffee.


Three weeks ago I was at the Tim Hortons drive thru getting a coffee before heading to school. When I pulled up to the window where you pay,…

stick figure person lying on a bed with red scary monsters underneath.

myth about humans

When I was younger I used to believe that monsters were hiding under my bed. I don’t know where this fear came from but even today I still…

In the image, a kid holds a basketball that was left at his doorstep.


My cousin was needing a new basketball but could not get one, so one day I left one at his doorstep with a little note saying that it…

There are grey clouds coming into the sky. A person knocks on the base of the tree. Another person says \


In the scene, a person is claiming that they think it may rain tomorrow because of the grey clouds coming in. Instinctively, the next person goes and knocks…