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Show a scene of a time when you believed a myth about humans, i.e., something you did would (according to popular myth) affect another person or something they did would (according to popular myth) affect you. Note this should be a general myth that would apply to all humans not stereotypes about gender, race, or subcategories of humans.

Humans think that black cats are associated with bad omens

Myth about humans

A few humans think that black cats have bad omens associated with them

In my comic I am on my bed upset with my tooth in my hand

Humans Myth

I am sitting on my bed upset because I put my tooth under my bed and the tooth ferry did not come to collect it

A stick figure who drives a car and a red traffic light

Myth About Humans-Traffic lights

In my childhood, I believed that drivers cannot hit the brakes because of the red light. In the meantime, I realized that the problem wasn’t related to any…

Stick figure of person sneezing just as they are about to leave their house while another stick figure is beside them telling them they can’t leave the house for 2 minutes or something bad will happen

Myth about humans

In my comic it shows a person sneezing while they are about to leave the house and the person that is with them tells them they can’t leave…

A comic about a myth.

Myth about humans

It is a myth in India, that if am going for an important work and someone call me from back then my work wouldn’t complete. LOL

A confused man stands outside what appears to be a female bathroom!

Myths about humans !

When I was a young boy, my mom convinced me that women didn’t fart, or poop. LOL. Enough said. She was the original troll.




stick figure depicts the myth of sneezing and work


It is believed that if somebody is on the way of doing some important work and if before reaching to work if somebody sneezed then the work will…

Stick figure with surprises face and wordings that say “brain only uses 10% of its capacity”

Oops anatomy error

Stick figure thinking and realizing the brain only uses 10% of its capacity. This is something I believed in for a while until I put research into it….

There is a girl on the ground laying down. Another girl walks over her.

Myth about Humans

When I was younger my mom told my siblings and I, that if someone ever walked over us we wouldn’t grow taller. So growing up I genuinely believed…

Young Girl Stick Figure with red bow making eye contact with robotic blue camera bird.

Myth about Humans

When I was younger, I used to misbehave in class. My mom heard about this and told me that she had bought a robotic bird to spy on…

A car going through a tunnel and over a bridge.

Myth About Humans

When I was little my parents and grandparents used to tell me to hold my breath when going through a tunnel, and to lift my feet off the…

stick figure person lying on a bed with red scary monsters underneath.

myth about humans

When I was younger I used to believe that monsters were hiding under my bed. I don’t know where this fear came from but even today I still…

There are grey clouds coming into the sky. A person knocks on the base of the tree. Another person says \


In the scene, a person is claiming that they think it may rain tomorrow because of the grey clouds coming in. Instinctively, the next person goes and knocks…

A girl with brown hair and golden gair clips is on the left of the comic. Her eyes are squared and look like icons of a TV. On the right is a speech bubble, with the indication that the mom is speaking, which says, \

myths about humans

When I was a kid, my parents would tell me that if I watched TV for too long my eyes would become squared like the TV as a…

black is banned during rainy season

Myths about psychology

I have been heard since my childhood that the black color attracts lightening. No one in my home wears black cloth and even does not take an umbrella…

Stick figure person sleeping on her bed

Human Myths

Being a little child, I used to love candies. My mom told me that if I am eating too much candy, I will get bad dreams.

a stick figure little girl and her mom in a car passing a field of cows.

myths about humans

When i was a little girl my mom would tell me to take a big whiff every time we would pass a field of cows. She would tell…

two stick figures are conversing with a page break to a disgruntled looking stick figure

myths about humans

When I was younger a friend of mine told me that we had tailbones because we used to have tails! They said that it would fall off as…

Stick figure on the right is explaining to stick figure on the left about how if you eat watermelon seeds a watermelon will grow in your stomach

myth about humans

When I was younger I remember a friend told me that if I ate a watermelon and swallowed the seeds that a watermelon would grow in my stomach….