15 Comics Categorized "Unprofessional misdiagnosis"

Show us a scene of a time when you experienced or witnessed a person — who was not professionally trained — label themselves or another as having a psychological disorder.

The characters in the image look very serious as something wrong is going on. There is a police officer, a women and a man lying on floor bleeding. It is a very tensed situation.


This is a story I know personally but cant share it. There was a women I knew who killed her husband accidently because her picture was not perfect….

A lady holding a broom sweeping

Unprofessional misdiagnosis

My mom has a huge problem with things being out of place and she’s always cleaning so I always tell her I believe she has OCD

A stick figure sweats nervously as he feels strange but can\'t explain it.

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

The first time I ever had an anxiety attack I thought I was dying. I look back on it now and smile, but at the time it was…

Man is in his room, sitting by the corner, talking to friends in the phone, and sleeping for most of the time.


People misdiagnosed me for having depression because I was in my room all day and all night during quarantine.

A stick figure telling me that my sister is skinny.

Unprofessional misdiagnosis

When my sister was little, all the time people thought she has an eating disorder because she was so skinny. I started believing myself but then my mom…

Two stick people stand next to the two beds in the dormitory.The room has a cabinet and a vacuum.

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

As a student living in a dormitory, my roommate was always complaining about how clean I was. She told me that I might have OCD. Many people diagnose…

Stick figure in bed with a frown. Speech bubble that says I\'m so tired, I don\'t want to get out of bed! Another stick figure with speech bubble that says I think you are just depressed.

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

I remember when I was just starting out highschool I had a sleepover with my friend and I was just too lazy and tired to get out of…

Do I have ADHD

The stick figure girl is trying to have a conversation with the stick figure boy but can’t keep a steady 1 subject conversation because she has so many…

A girl calling someone else \

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

This comic represents how I enjoy to call out people who use the outdated and very unprofessional term “retarded” because there is simply no need to use it….

A stickman is looking at the stove where a pot of food is on fire. He puts his hands on his head in disbelief and yells inappropriately, \

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

A stickman burns his food he is cooking and yells an inappropriate word, “Im R*tarded!”

two people in conversation, one asks the other whats wrong, response is im depressed lol


I think a lot of people joke around w their friends when they’re sad by saying they’re depressed even though they haven’t been professionally diagnosed.

stick figure with highlights with speech bubble above their head saying “omg i’m so OCD” with a disappointed stick figure underneath

unprofessional misdiagnosis

An old friend of mine decided to say that she was super OCD and my other friend was super disappointed due to them actually being diagnosed with OCD.

A person is straightening out a plate on the table. Another person points out and claims they have OCD.

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

The stick figure is just organizing a table and another person claims that since they are organizing and making everything seem neat, that the person has OCD. People…

Person getting mad at other person for piercing ear.

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

When I was 15 years old I pierced my own ears because I didn’t want to pay 80$ to get a simple piercing. When my parents found out…

Two stick figures sitting at a dinner table. Stick figure on left is straightening their knife and the other one is saying, \

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

When someone does something to organize or bring order, I have often heard that person labeled as OCD, either by someone noticing their orderly actions or by the…