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“Anonymous” – Create a stick figure scene showing something you anonymous did for someone or someone anonymous did something for you.

A unknown woman came up to me and said hi


An unknown woman came up to me and started talking

Scene 1: Stick Person 1 asks Stick Person 2 if they can anonymously tell Stick Person 1\\\'s crush that Stick Person 1 likes them. Scene 2: Stick Person 2 agrees and anonymously writes a letter to Stick Person 1\\\'s crush.


In elementary school, my best friend asked me to write an anonymous letter to her crush telling her crush she liked them. I ended up agreeing and writing…

In the comic I am donating anonymously to a friend


In my comic I am giving money to a friend anonymously to her soccer fundraiser




Anonymous person placed pizza on the bed in my room while my flight from china to Canada was late.


this stick figure depicts the story when I travelled from India to Canada. Actually I had a stay of two hours in China. But unfortunately my flight got…

stick figure shows my situation of anatomy error related to nervous system.

oops, anatomy error

when I was in class 8, I read that our nervous system is controlled by nerve cells called neurons and I was thinking that these neurons will be…

a stick figure girl with a mailbox and two houses behind her


my neighbours mail gets put on my doorstep once and awhile. every time this happens I make sure to walk over to their mail box and put everything…

Girl sitting on couch, phone in hand, table in front of girl with homework aand books, application ‘Nextflix’ displayed on TV screen above the fireplace and 3 clocks displaying the whole day going by


The issue in my life I would like to change is my level of productivity. I feel as though there’s a lot of distractions around me such as…

Stick Figure Girl with purple bow posing as the tooth fairy giving a gift to a sleeping child in a red bed.


My friend’s sister has always wished to receive a gift from the tooth fairy, but her mother wouldn’t enforce her imagination. I felt like a child should experience…

Stick figure holding t-shirt with a stick figure and portal on it


A few years ago I gave my friend a Rick and Morty t-shirt anonymously for secret Santa, they still have no idea that it was from me.

An anonymous person bringing flowers to my house. The pink sticker is the flowers.


During the COVID19 lockdown, I wasn’t allowed to see any of my friends. On my birthday someone anonymously left flowers at my house on the front door step….

Two stick figure people facing each other, one has a cup of coffee.


Three weeks ago I was at the Tim Hortons drive thru getting a coffee before heading to school. When I pulled up to the window where you pay,…

In the image, a kid holds a basketball that was left at his doorstep.


My cousin was needing a new basketball but could not get one, so one day I left one at his doorstep with a little note saying that it…

Two stick figures are standing in green grass, each with a pink valentine in their hand. There is a blue flower between the two stick figures. One stick figure has a speech bubble that says, \


In February of every year, a club at my high school would sell Valentines consisting of candy or roses. You could add your name when sending a Valentine,…

Girl sitting at a table typing on a computer, opposite a younger girl also typing on her computer.


My comic is about a project I completed in grade 11 senior mentorship, we had to come up with an idea on how to connect and such with…

Stick figure donating anonymously to lesser fortune


Every year for birthdays and important events my family and I donate to care homes or orphanage anonymously either food or clothes.

me and my friends are talking


I was with my friend. He is going to tell me and one my another friend that he is going to marry next month but his life partner…

This comic is about me, looking sad at airport, waiting for my friend with heavy bags.


This comic shows the small gesture of happy me when i saw my friend who is going to pick me up from the airport after my arrival in…

An angel flying towards the ground


I remember my grandfather’s neighbor that constantly refused to be helped. One afternoon, my father cut some wood for the fire place and put in the front of…

This comic shows a stickman holding open a door, and there is a speech bubble above his head that reads, \


My comic shows the simple gesture of a stickman holding open to the door for an anonymous stickwomen.