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Show a scene from a time in your life when you made an error when talking about/referring to a part of the human anatomy.

Stick figures are at the labrotary, along with a professor and students. There is also a cadaver lying down.


During my previous university experience, I saw a cadaver. When an anatomy professor described the organs, I confused kidney with pancreas, but then he corrected me.

Stick figure writing a anatomy test and getting stuck on a question

Anatomy Test

Stick figure writing a anatomy test and then gets stuck on a question and after the test she looks up the question and sees she got it wrong.

A stick figure who is older tells the younger stick figure a fib about drinking too much water in which the younger stick figure believes it

Oops, anatomy error!

When I was little, I used to drink a lot of water and my mom would say to me that if I drink too much water, I would…

Me as a young girl sitting in front of the TV


When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me that if you sat in front of a screen for too long your eyes would turn square….

Stick figure character sitting at her desk holding an orange pen. There is a piece of paper with a labelling heart diagram on it. Stick figure is explaining the parts of the heart on a speech text.


When I was in a biology class in high school, I was tutoring my friend and helping her understand the parts of the heart. We labelled the whole…

A small stick figure says that she has a stomach ache, and a large stick figure beside her says that it is your tummy.


One day after I came back from elementary school, I told my mother that I have a stomach ache. However, after my mother asked the detail of my…

I was walking and hit my toe on a table. After feeling the pain in my toe I then said OW, my finger which was obviously wrong and had a brain fart.


I hit my toe against a table and said OW, my finger

Stick figure person sitting very close to the TV and is worried she\'ll go blind from it.

Oops, Anatomy Error!

When I was younger I had a habit of sitting very close to the TV. I was told by several adults that sitting too close would damage my…

A stickman is sitting on a soccer field, holding his knee in pain. There is a speech bubble that reads, \

Anatomy Mistake

When I was little I hurt my knee playing soccer. I fell to the ground and clutched my knee in pain, but for some reason decided to scream…

Two stick figures, one has his elbows out while the other describes what he sees.


When I was little we learned about a funny name for the end of your elbow, which is a “weenus”. At one point after soon learning the new…

In a classroom setting the teacher has a an illustration of a pregnant woman on the board.

Oops Anatomy

Growing up in a catholic institution I was under the impression that babies were a gift from God alike the story of the Virgin Mary. Sometime throughout school…

A shocked older kid looking at a child sitting in a brown chair with a big open cut on the top of their head. The child is dreaming.

Oops, Anatomy Error !

When I was in Grade 2, I was running outside, and I crashed into another kid. I had a concussion and passed out. I woke up in a…

There are two person in different country meet each other where they were alone. They were both who meet each other outside their native country and they are feeling really happy while meeting each other.


Two stranger meet each other in different country and become friend.

A stick figure exclaims \

Oops! Anatomy error

A stick-figure babysitter freaks out after the (fairly new-born) baby begins to cry after dropping her feeding bottle on her head. After investigating, I find the soft spot…

See two children playing soccer. I see someone slide tackle them to get the ball and someone got injured real bad and needs help!

Oops, anatomy error!

In this comic, I am playing soccer with a couple of friends when I was younger. Someone slide tackle me and scrapped a huge piece of skin off…

This is back in 7th grade when my trainer told me to work on glutes and i got it confused with hamstring

Oops, anatomy error

This is back in 9th grade when my trainer told me to work on glutes during hip thrust movement and i got it confused with hamstring

a stick figure girl with a thought bubble above her head while handing a little kid a juice box

oops, anatomy error

In this comic I am handing a little kid a juice box and an error about the human anatomy I used to think was that giving kids sugar…

A person, hand lifted to their mouth in thought. Kidney-shaped objects are in the background, above question marks.

Oops, Anatomy Error! Where the Kidneys???

I have always been completely unaware of where the kidney was. Is it higher up in the body? is it near the hips? by the sides? I still…

A stick figure realizing that ligaments and tendons are somehow different things.

Oops, anatomy error!

When I sprained my ankle, I just randomly chose a word between ligament and tendon and told people that one of them was torn out. But after I…

me cracking my knuckles and my mom telling me to stop

Oops, Anatomy Error!

As a child, I would crack my knuckles alt and my mom would always tell me to stop. he’d give me reasons like: you’re going to get arthritis,…