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Me finding a way to help with my stress thanks to this course.


I used to get super anxious and stressed when it came to school. When I started this course I was still feeling the same. After doing the GET…

Me waking up in the middle of the night thinking it was time for school.


When I was still in high school, I used to do this silly thing where I would set an alarm at 5am so that I could wake up…

A split-in-two illustration one titled "before", the other "after" . The before side shows me unhappy about everything and the after side shows me acknowledging the good amongst the bad and making me happier.


Two sides on a comic show the before and after of my get cape endeavors. Before, I would mentally focus on the negative, but now, I see the…

Me, suddenly realizing its not actually Wednesday and I have gotten the days of the week wrong.


I am suddenly having a lightbulb moment and realizing that it isn’t actually Wednesday and that I had the days of the week wrong. Luckily I still managed…

Me, taking a shower while sleep deprived, and there is a cloud showing I am feeling like I am under to ocean with the words \


Here, I am taking a shower after 24 hours of having not slept, and the feeling of being encompassed in water gives me hallucinations and I see sea…

Stick version self of me at my birthday while everyone is singing happy birthday to me.

Missing data

This comic is me missing my grandpa because everyone year he would get so excited for everyone’s birthday and not seeing him there was tough.

The characters in the image look very serious as something wrong is going on. There is a police officer, a women and a man lying on floor bleeding. It is a very tensed situation.


This is a story I know personally but cant share it. There was a women I knew who killed her husband accidently because her picture was not perfect….

The stick figure in the image is sitting at his work place on a table and chair and looks very anxious and annoyed because he thinks that everybody are talking about him behind his back.

I think they are talking about me

The stick figure is me few years back. As, I used to doubt everyone. And think that they all are talking about me.

There are two stick figures in my image both really do not look that good. One stick figure is the professor and other is the student rushing towards school as he got late because he was sleeping.

Got late for school

The stick figure which is me got late for school. This is a story when I was in 8th standard and my teacher got really mad at me…

The stick figure in the image is basically holding clock in his hand and looks really happy. The clock is quite big.

Doin work timely

Here I am representing my stick figure as person who has started managing the time very well. Moreover, looks really happy. The clock in the image describes the…

red cabin with trees surrounding it.

My hero’s story

One weekend at my cabin my sister had a seizure. I stayed with her until it was over and we could take her to the hospital.

stick figure person on left, line in middle, multiple stick figure persons to the right


Before taking this course I was new to Capilano University and didn’t know anyone. After taking this course I became friends with the people in my group!

Stick figure person face with question marks and \

Faulty memory

I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic thinking I was late for school. I quickly got ready and checked the time and realized…

A stuck figure sitting on a floor, crying and feeling low.

step#6 (hardest day) Feeling low

There is a stick man figure who is stressed out and thinking that he will not be able to complete his tasks as there is not much time…

This comix reveal a relaxed stickman figure, who is calm and focused, standing beside the table and chair, stretching body. He is following the time management practice and not using phone while doing work to gain maximum efficiency as the productivity increases when we do one task at a time with full focus. This practice of time management helps in finishing the tasks on time or even before the deadline.

Step#4 – day 7 – (halfway) getting better at meeting deadlines.

Stickman’s figure has completed his task and stretching his body while standing beside the chair. He looks calm and relaxed.

In this comix, The stick man is planning to start managing his time while doing his daily chores. there is a clock stating that the time never stops for anyone and we have to manage our work according to it.

step#3 managing my time

The stick figure is having a thought process of managing his time. He needs to schedule his whole day to focus on one thing at a time to…

The figure is sitting on the desk and doing some work.

WEAR CAPE: DAY 1 of Planning and organizing tasks

The figure in the comix is sitting on a desk and doing some work on the laptop. He is planning his schedule for the day in his mind…

A stick figure with a thunderstorm cloud at the before taking the course Psychology 101. A stick figure having a light bulb above her head and positive thoughts at the after taking Psychology 101.


Before taking Psychology 101, I didn’t know how to manage my stress levels and I was often anxious. However, after taking this course, I learned how to cope…

I grew in all aspects after taking this course

Before and after this course

I grew in all aspects after psych 1100

Once my sleep lead me to miss my exam


I slept and missed my exam