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Show us a scene of a time when you your memory was faulty. You were convinced your memory was correct but someone proved you were wrong.

Me waking up in the middle of the night thinking it was time for school.


When I was still in high school, I used to do this silly thing where I would set an alarm at 5am so that I could wake up…

Me, suddenly realizing its not actually Wednesday and I have gotten the days of the week wrong.


I am suddenly having a lightbulb moment and realizing that it isn’t actually Wednesday and that I had the days of the week wrong. Luckily I still managed…

Stick figure person face with question marks and \

Faulty memory

I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic thinking I was late for school. I quickly got ready and checked the time and realized…

Faulty memory

Faulty memory

Once I misunderstood the date and thought it was a day after the actual date because I had a faulty memory

A moon and a sun are above a stick figures face who had sleeping symbols coming above it. There is an \

Faulty Memory

One day I took a nap during the day and woke up super confused thinking I had to get ready for school. I went to go brush my…

Stick person on the left is talking to stick person on the right.

Faulty Memory

The stick person on the left is me the day I had forgotten there was a test in one of my classes. I was so stressed about writing…

Scene 1: Stick Person 1 asks Stick Person 2 if they remember going to a certain party. Scene 2: Stick person 2 says that the party never happened.

Faulty Memory

I once had a memory of attending a certain birthday party and decided to ask my friend about it. My friend proceeded to tell me that the party…

In this comic I am showing up to work and it says closed

Faulty Memory

In my comic I thought i had work that day when I actually did not so when i showed up It was closed

A stick figure woke up in the morning and started getting ready to go to school by brushing her teeth.

Faulty memory

I woke up one morning and started getting ready to go to school. While I was brushing my teeth, I realized it was a Sunday morning so I…

A stick person is walking. In the comic, there are two classes.

Faulty Memory

I used to have a philosophy class on Mondays, but I dropped it. In the following week I was mistaken about having another class after English class. Since…

Stick figure thinks she has to go to work but forgets she\'s off

I don’t work?

Stick figure thinks she has to go to work in a hour but when she gets to work she is told she doesn’t work that day! she then…

A girl yelling "Hey Jess" and the girl was not Jess.

Faulty Memory

This comic shows the time I thought this new girl I met was named Jess, turns out it was not Jess in fact it was Jules. I tried.

Stick figure at school in their class sitting at their desk waiting for class to begin. Also a stick figure representing the teacher telling the students to get ready for the test.

Faulty memory

In my comic it shows myself in class waiting for class to begin while my teacher tells us to get ready for the test and I was freaking…

A small stick figure is asking the bigger stick figure that is the dental appointment on Thursday, and the bigger stick figure answered that it is on Friday.


When I was a child, my mother often reregister a dental appointment for me. One day, I ask her about the actual time of my appointment to make…

Stick figure above describes me and my mother, when we were talking about the marriage of my mother\'s brother son.

Faulty Memory

In this comic, I’m going to share about a time when their was marriage of my mother’s brother son and I thought that it will be two days…

a drawing of pikachu with a black tail

Mandela effect

This is a drawing of pikachu, I always remembered pikachu having a black tail but pikachu factually does not have a black tail. I remembered everything wrong