104 Month: October 2021 (page 1 of 6)

I was at the liquor buying alcohol and I realized when I was at the cash register that I forgot my wallet. The guy asked my for my two pieces of ID and have to claim that I forgot my wallet.

Missing Data

I’m at the liquor store buying alcohol but then I realized I forgot my wallet at home.

A large stick figure who holding a box is talking to a small stick figure, the large stick figure telling the small stick figure that she needs an ID to get her parcel.


When I was 11 years old, I went to the post office, and that was the first time I step into the post office by myself. However, I…

A situation, when my friend forgot his passport.

Missing data

In this comic, I wanna describe a situation when me and my friends travelled for Landon and when we reached at airport, we saw that one of our…

Person looking ahead. There is an arrow with the text \

Missing Data

I couldn’t rack up a moment of missing data, however I realized I knew a common source of it. I have memory problems that shock many adults as…

three stick figure people, a plane and two bags of luggage

missing data

In this comic my family and I are travelling to Mexico. We arrived at the airport early that morning but soon realized we forgot my dads luggage at…

security guard stopping me and my friend and asking for vaccine passport

Missing DATA

my friend were going to a restaurant last week when we were stopped by a security guard in front asking for our vaccine passports required for entry. I…

Girl crying, compass card missing


I lost my compass card on the way to work and couldn’t go to work.

Losing sleep to play video games


Most nights I would procrastinate and lose sleep just to play video games not even realizing when the sun would rise.

2 stick figure people giving powerpoint presentation

Missing Data

My friend and I were supposed to give a PowerPoint presentation, but the night before we forgot to save it properly so when we went up to present…

Stick person on left scratching their head, standing in front of a sound board. There is a speaker and a microphone with a singing stick person. The microphone is not plugged into the soundboard.

Missing Data

When I mix sound at concerts, things often go wrong. There are many times when I can’t hear the microphone in the speakers and sometimes it is a…

A person sitting at a computer thinking about headphones.

Missing Data

I realized that I forgot to bring my headphones with me to school once I got there, so I was unable to work on my assignment.

In the first panel (top left) a stick figure is getting ready to paint. Second panel they look for something missing. Third panel

Missing Data

I was getting ready to paint, I had all I needed. Brushes, canvas, thinner, etc. But I suddenly realised I had no paint! So, I had to go…

A person stands in the kitchen with question marks over their head. A recipe book is on a table.

Missing data

My comic illustrates a person missing a recipe while they are cooking dinner which is causing confusion.

A dead phone and the image panning over to my pho being canceled :(

Missing Data

Since we need to provide proof of full vaccination via scan’s now, I unfortunately did not keep that into account on a cold rainy day. I went to…

Stick figure girl thinking where to go? With boxes with the words “entrance A” another saying “B”, “C” and “D”


When I applied to my job my employer told me to meet at the the job spot but the thing is it’s a huge place with a bunch…

The stick figure above describes me while I\'m missing my mother badly.


In this comic, I’m describing a time of my life when it was my first day on my work and I get ready by myself. When I was…

Stick figure girl in a gymnasium wearing Air Force 1s with a volleyball net behind her

Missing Data

I used to have volleyball practice 3 times a week and we always needed to bring the right attire to practise. One day, I forgot my court shoes…

4 stick figures with the words \

Missing data

This was a time when I went to a dance competition and we were missing one of our members. It turned out that he slept in and so…

A stick figure with a paper in his hand, while another stick figure stands and says something to the one on the left.

Missing Data

2 years ago I didn’t have enough work experience. I only had volunteer experience. The job I was applying for had a mandatory clearance which required references. Since…

Me as a young girl sitting in front of the TV


When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me that if you sat in front of a screen for too long your eyes would turn square….