13 Comics Categorized "My hero’s story"

Show a scene of a time when you did one teeny, small thing that saved the day — hero style!

red cabin with trees surrounding it.

My hero’s story

One weekend at my cabin my sister had a seizure. I stayed with her until it was over and we could take her to the hospital.

The figure is sad because he failed his road test for the 5th time but his friends arranged a small party to make him happy. They made his sad day exciting and surprising.

My hero’s

The stick figure failed his road test but his friends gave him a party for the failure outcome.

stick figure feeling sad and some people are coming to her home

my hero’s journey

One day I was feeling very sad and it was seriously a low day for me. When my friends came to know this, they decided to come to…

A stick figure stands over a pair of glasses and shouts I found it!


When I was little, on Halloween, my best friend’s older brother lost his harry potter glasses at school. All of us after school decided to go and search…

A stick figure giving another stick figure a praise for bringing her homework that she left at home.

My hero’s story

One day, my sister forgot her homework and when I saw it on her desk, I grabbed it and went to school. I made her so happy, she…

To get gas from the station, three stick figures are pushing the car. Airport and gasoline station are shown.


My dad, his friends, and I were heading to the airport when suddenly, the car stopped because we were out of gas. As I had a midterm the…

Person sitting at their computer thinking of other hobbies to pick up and improve on like skateboarding or football.

Step 8: next caper

From what I have learned from both the study and myself the path no is to decide where to take these skills and apply them to something different.

Person sweating heavily as their running up a flight of stairs while drenched in sweat while in the next panel they are seen glowing with energy.

Step 7: highest height

To give context to this scene, as a personal challenge for my study I decided to exercise on a long path of stairs that crosses into a bike…

A person laying in bed sleeping away as an alarm aggressively blares its tone.

Get cape step 6: hardest day

The hardest day I had to endure was a day right after a graveyard shift and I wanted to sleep in for the day causing a missed day…

The person sitting at their computer imagining themselves exercising and gathering ideas on ways of self-improvement

Step 5: Wear cape and fly

This is a scene of myself reflecting on my data and borough through my notes on what I have learned and how to extend or improve my exercising…

Stick figure is showing a ambulance and lot of people is standing near ambulance.


This comic describes the scene when the door of ambulance got locked and one person break the window but cant enter because of small hole then a kid…

A stick figure is holding a suitcase and wondering how can she lift it to luggage rack. Then, another stick figure says that she can help her.


A few years ago, I was on an airplane with a heavy suitcase by myself. Thus, at the time which is when all the passengers were slowly walking…

stick figures and drawing of a bus. stick figures with bubble head on them

My Hero’s journey

this is the story of how multiple heroes saved my backpack. I forgot my bag in the bus and I was devastated. Luckily the passenger noticed that I…