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stick figure child picks up blue cape.


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The stick figure in the image is basically holding clock in his hand and looks really happy. The clock is quite big.

Doin work timely

Here I am representing my stick figure as person who has started managing the time very well. Moreover, looks really happy. The clock in the image describes the…

A stuck figure sitting on a floor, crying and feeling low.

step#6 (hardest day) Feeling low

There is a stick man figure who is stressed out and thinking that he will not be able to complete his tasks as there is not much time…

This comix reveal a relaxed stickman figure, who is calm and focused, standing beside the table and chair, stretching body. He is following the time management practice and not using phone while doing work to gain maximum efficiency as the productivity increases when we do one task at a time with full focus. This practice of time management helps in finishing the tasks on time or even before the deadline.

Step#4 – day 7 – (halfway) getting better at meeting deadlines.

Stickman’s figure has completed his task and stretching his body while standing beside the chair. He looks calm and relaxed.

In this comix, The stick man is planning to start managing his time while doing his daily chores. there is a clock stating that the time never stops for anyone and we have to manage our work according to it.

step#3 managing my time

The stick figure is having a thought process of managing his time. He needs to schedule his whole day to focus on one thing at a time to…

The figure is sitting on the desk and doing some work.

WEAR CAPE: DAY 1 of Planning and organizing tasks

The figure in the comix is sitting on a desk and doing some work on the laptop. He is planning his schedule for the day in his mind…

stick figure feeling sad and some people are coming to her home

my hero’s journey

One day I was feeling very sad and it was seriously a low day for me. When my friends came to know this, they decided to come to…

before picture: person w small brain and heart, after picture: person w big brain and heart

Before and After

I really enjoyed this class and the project. Its a new fun way to learn while also paying mind to mental health.

A stick figure goes for a run because he feels energetic after a good nights sleep.

Get Cape #5 – Data Entry and Analysis

I am going for a morning run which I never do but becuase I got 8 hours of sleep I feel energetic!



I have changed my habit of using my mobile phone and getting distracted by it while studying and do not properly concentrate on my studies but now I…


STEP 8: Fly next

I have learnt many new things during this project. I changed my bad habit now i have become a responsible girl and i have also adopted many good…

well spent day


It was really a good day. I get up early in the morning. After that I do exercise and then I finish my studies and I spend my…

had fever and sleeping

Step 6: hardest research day

I got a fever and after taking pills I was sleeping for the whole day so I was not able to get up from my bed. Even I…

Toothbrush and a bottle of soap behind and soap on the toothpaste with the words “ahh that’s not toothpaste!!”


Once I wasn’t paying attention I was very tired in the morning and I accidentally put soap onto my toothbrush instead of toothpaste! YUCK!

Two stick figure girls having a conversation, the girl on the right of the comic looks relieved hearing what the girl on the left iis saying

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

This comic shows the time where I thought someone didn’t want to be friends with me because they always seemed annoyed when I was around. However, when I…

One stick figure, wandering around the school campus with serious face and the other stick figure, looking at the other one.


One of my group members, Monike, was in one of the CapU campus buildings. There was one international student who seemed lost, not knowing what to do to…

Zombie with text that says \

Team challenge – CapU Happiness proposed project – TEAM ACTIVITY

Our tshirt implies that when you’re tired, you take on a sluggish zombie state. Taking a nap would help re energize.

a black shirt with our catch phrase “nowhere 2 now here” on the front and a thumbs up on the back

Nowhere 2 Now here

TEAM CHALLENGE – Growing happiness at CapU during the pandemic

stick figure and it\'s beginning process of meditation.This team Batman\'s way of showing just one of the many benefits of meditation!

Team challenge – CapU Happiness proposed project – Comic on meditation

Stick figure walking feeling down until they see a therapist where the suggestion of meditation comes up. Stick figure tries meditation and its begins to actually work for…