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Sleep is not guaranteed or always restful. Show a scene of a time in your life when your sleep — or lack of sleep — lead to an “adventure.” For example, did you ever have insomnia, an amazing dream, sleep-deprivation-related hallucinations, nightmares or sleep terrors, restless legs, or sleep walking or talking?

Me, taking a shower while sleep deprived, and there is a cloud showing I am feeling like I am under to ocean with the words \


Here, I am taking a shower after 24 hours of having not slept, and the feeling of being encompassed in water gives me hallucinations and I see sea…

There are two stick figures in my image both really do not look that good. One stick figure is the professor and other is the student rushing towards school as he got late because he was sleeping.

Got late for school

The stick figure which is me got late for school. This is a story when I was in 8th standard and my teacher got really mad at me…

Once my sleep lead me to miss my exam


I slept and missed my exam

A stick person holds a pointing stick towards a white board in front of a crowd. A thought bubble overhead says \

Missing Data – Class presentation

This was a very embarrassing moment in middle school. I had mixed up the date of my class presentation and was caught off guard when the teacher summoned…

a stick figure lays in bed. a dream bubble overhead holds three puppies and a sign that says \

Sleep?! – Free Puppies

When I was little I really wanted a puppy but my parents weren’t keen at the time. I had a dream that I stumbled across some free puppies!…

Scene 1: Stick Person is unable to sleep at night. Scene 2: Stick Person falls asleep in class and teacher becomes mad.


One night I was unable to sleep for some unknown reason. This caused me to be sleepy during the day after and I ended up falling asleep in…

stick figure is sleeping and dreaming of magic


A few years ago I had a harry potter movie marathon and stayed up way too late watching all of the movies. That night when I was asleep…

Stick figure of a person in a very deep sleep having a dream with an arrow pointing to the next morning of a stick figure waking up and realizing that the bad dream they had was not real life


In my comic it shows myself in a very deep sleep having a bad dream about my house getting robbed only to wake up the next morning realizing…

A comic, about a bad dream.


One night, I had a bad dream that one of my friend died in accident and I was crying. but next day, I woke up and I was…

Our pal is out on a jog at 3 in the morning, its peaceful and he\'s really enjoying the cool breeze that brushes against his cheeks while he\'s running.

Sleep?! Always chasing something, even in our sleep.

Out on a run in the middle of the night, chasing the moon and an endorphin rush. Seeing a different side of the city because sleep isn’t happening….

A stick figure having a bad dream of failing a quiz during her night sleep and feeling relieved in the morning finding that it was a dream.


One night while I was sleeping, I had a bad dream that I was taking a quiz and I failed. The next day, I woke up and I…

Losing sleep to play video games


Most nights I would procrastinate and lose sleep just to play video games not even realizing when the sun would rise.

A girl on the left sitting with a book. On the right there is a bed with a person sleeping and \


When I was in my senior year of highschool I had my final exams which were the hardest exams we were going to take and they determined a…

stick figure shows a situation when I got typhoid because of lacking sleep.


when I was in 10th standard, I studied till mid-night for around one month. I got really good marks, but I also troubled from typhoid after the exams….

A stick figure attempting to sleep while they have work in 4 hours, but have to wake up in 2 hours


I’m attempting to fall asleep after a long day of work, but due to leg pain from a hard day at work the same day I was not…

A stick figure had a long dream from 1:30AM to 3:00 AM, after wakes up, she thinks that it is time to go to school, but the time, which is 3:00AM, is still too early.


I have had a long dream after I fall asleep around 1:30 AM and wakes up at 3:00 AM. At that time, I thought that the time I…

Two people sit in a car, one person looks out the window and sees giant dancing figures in the hills.


When I travelled to Italy, I did not get much sleep the night before and did not sleep on the plane. When we were driving to the hotel…

The stick figure above shows the time when I dreamt that i was a queen of a large kingdom.


I can clearly remember a dream in which I was the queen of a large kingdom. It was a strange and unique dream as I had never witnessed…

a disgruntled face next to a speech bubble says \


I have spent many nights staying up to study and end up going to sleep late. Sometimes I would wake up in a panic but then realize it’s…

A stick figure in bed and another sleepwalking coming back into the room


When I was younger I was often sleepwalking. One night my roommate woke up when I came back into the room and we never found out where I…