9 Comics Tagged "CAP3.DIANB"

A stick figure with a thunderstorm cloud at the before taking the course Psychology 101. A stick figure having a light bulb above her head and positive thoughts at the after taking Psychology 101.


Before taking Psychology 101, I didn’t know how to manage my stress levels and I was often anxious. However, after taking this course, I learned how to cope…

A stick figure telling me that my sister is skinny.

Unprofessional misdiagnosis

When my sister was little, all the time people thought she has an eating disorder because she was so skinny. I started believing myself but then my mom…

A stick figure woke up in the morning and started getting ready to go to school by brushing her teeth.

Faulty memory

I woke up one morning and started getting ready to go to school. While I was brushing my teeth, I realized it was a Sunday morning so I…

A stick figure being awake all night and assumes that her sister has COVID due to her coughing constantly in her room.

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

In one night during this pandemic, I was hearing my sister coughing quite often. I was convinced she got COVID virus. In the morning, she mentioned that she…

A stick figure in a grocery store being upset after she found out that her credit card was missing from her wallet

Missing Data

One day when I was shopping and I was putting my overloaded cart of groceries away to the cashier desk, I realized that my credit card is missing

A stick figure who is older tells the younger stick figure a fib about drinking too much water in which the younger stick figure believes it

Oops, anatomy error!

When I was little, I used to drink a lot of water and my mom would say to me that if I drink too much water, I would…

A stick figure having a bad dream of failing a quiz during her night sleep and feeling relieved in the morning finding that it was a dream.


One night while I was sleeping, I had a bad dream that I was taking a quiz and I failed. The next day, I woke up and I…

Stick figure person sleeping on her bed

Human Myths

Being a little child, I used to love candies. My mom told me that if I am eating too much candy, I will get bad dreams.

An angel flying towards the ground


I remember my grandfather’s neighbor that constantly refused to be helped. One afternoon, my father cut some wood for the fire place and put in the front of…