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I grew in all aspects after taking this course

Before and after this course

I grew in all aspects after psych 1100

Once my sleep lead me to miss my exam


I slept and missed my exam

A unknown woman came up to me and said hi


An unknown woman came up to me and started talking

Humans think that black cats are associated with bad omens

Myth about humans

A few humans think that black cats have bad omens associated with them

Faulty memory

Faulty memory

Once I misunderstood the date and thought it was a day after the actual date because I had a faulty memory

A moon and a sun are above a stick figures face who had sleeping symbols coming above it. There is an \

Faulty Memory

One day I took a nap during the day and woke up super confused thinking I had to get ready for school. I went to go brush my…

The stick figure is imagining that his parents are fighting with each other but when he went to their room they were discussing about their favourite singers and praising them. They love listening to songs and enjoyed their favourite musicians songs.

Jumping to the conclusion.

The stick figure judged his parents conversation as a fight but they were just discussing about their favourites.

The figure is sad because he failed his road test for the 5th time but his friends arranged a small party to make him happy. They made his sad day exciting and surprising.

My hero’s

The stick figure failed his road test but his friends gave him a party for the failure outcome.

The stick figure is sleeping till noon with all the mess around his bed. He is bit possessive about his sleep than anything else which makes him to put in OCD position.


The stick figure is sleeping in the afternoon and being more possessive about his sleep than his mess.

The stick figure is representing that before this course he was fat and was not not happy with life but after this course he is fit and more happy than any thing else

Before and after ( This course)

The stick figure is representing his weight before and after this course with happiness and sadness on his face.

Two pie charts - one at 50%, the next at 75% can be seen with an arrow in between them indicating "goals". A stick figure smiling with both hands up can be seen in the corner

Before/After Psych101

This comic shows me before and after psych 101. I cannot say that anything drastic has changed about myself or my life, but I am a few steps…

from left to right: australia, new zealand and canada on a map with a dotted line going from australia to new zealand. stick figure standing on new zealand with exclamation marks around them. Rectangle in left upper corner with \

Missing Data

I was coming back to Canada after returning home to Australia to visit my sister for her wedding, and I lost my permanent resident card. I wasn’t allowed…

A stick person holds a pointing stick towards a white board in front of a crowd. A thought bubble overhead says \

Missing Data – Class presentation

This was a very embarrassing moment in middle school. I had mixed up the date of my class presentation and was caught off guard when the teacher summoned…

a stick figure lays in bed. a dream bubble overhead holds three puppies and a sign that says \

Sleep?! – Free Puppies

When I was little I really wanted a puppy but my parents weren’t keen at the time. I had a dream that I stumbled across some free puppies!…

Stick figure missing something important

missing data

This comic is about the time when I was having my final senior secondary exam and I left a hard copy of my student number at my home…

stick figure feeling sad and some people are coming to her home

my hero’s journey

One day I was feeling very sad and it was seriously a low day for me. When my friends came to know this, they decided to come to…

Stick figure showing a change from being shy to being confident

Before/after this course

This comic shows how this course changed me from being shy to being confident to speak in groups and class. Before this class, I have taken all the…

Stick person on the left is talking to stick person on the right.

Faulty Memory

The stick person on the left is me the day I had forgotten there was a test in one of my classes. I was so stressed about writing…

Two stick figures looking in the mirror, the one on the left sees a question mark in the reflection and the one on the right sees herself.

Before/After Taking This Course

In the beginning of this class I was going through a lot, especially as this was my first semester attending Capilano University. I felt very overwhelmed and had…

Stick figure on the left is standing with question mark in a thought bubble. Stick figure on the right is smiling with thought bubbles filled with colour.

Before/After taking this course

The left side is representing me before taking the course. I didn’t really have an idea of what psychology actually entailed and was curious to see what we’d…