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two stick figures of differing height, one is smaller than the other, the smaller one is looking confused.

oops, anatomy error!

my father was very insistent that he was 5’11, for a long time, I am taller than my father and one day I measured myself to be 5’9,…

a person sleeping with a bad dream, frame cut, person sleeping with a bad dream. frame cut. person awake while the stars are out.


I had had a long string of nightmares, which led to me staying awake for about 48 hours to avoid them.

From Right to Left. Human standing over a spider with boot coming down on spider, another person near them being sad, and a rain cloud over all of them,

Myths About Humans

if one steps on a spider, It will rain the next day, making others sad.

two stick figures, one on the left with words coming out of the mouth, a divider between and one stick figure on the other side with a shocked expression.

Anonymous: Marriage Trouble

I was sitting near a rock, when a person sat down on the other side, and began to ramble to themselves about their marriage troubles and how their…