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stick figure depicts the myth of sneezing and work


It is believed that if somebody is on the way of doing some important work and if before reaching to work if somebody sneezed then the work will…

Anonymous person placed pizza on the bed in my room while my flight from china to Canada was late.


this stick figure depicts the story when I travelled from India to Canada. Actually I had a stay of two hours in China. But unfortunately my flight got…

stick figure shows a situation when I got typhoid because of lacking sleep.


when I was in 10th standard, I studied till mid-night for around one month. I got really good marks, but I also troubled from typhoid after the exams….

stick figure shows my situation of anatomy error related to nervous system.

oops, anatomy error

when I was in class 8, I read that our nervous system is controlled by nerve cells called neurons and I was thinking that these neurons will be…