5 Comics Tagged "KPU.PARVDO"

Scene 1: Stick Person 1 asks Stick Person 2 if they remember going to a certain party. Scene 2: Stick person 2 says that the party never happened.

Faulty Memory

I once had a memory of attending a certain birthday party and decided to ask my friend about it. My friend proceeded to tell me that the party…

Scene 1: Stick Person is unable to sleep at night. Scene 2: Stick Person falls asleep in class and teacher becomes mad.


One night I was unable to sleep for some unknown reason. This caused me to be sleepy during the day after and I ended up falling asleep in…

Scene 1: Stick Person 1 asks Stick Person 2 if they can anonymously tell Stick Person 1\\\'s crush that Stick Person 1 likes them. Scene 2: Stick Person 2 agrees and anonymously writes a letter to Stick Person 1\\\'s crush.


In elementary school, my best friend asked me to write an anonymous letter to her crush telling her crush she liked them. I ended up agreeing and writing…

Two stick figures staring at a lamb heart on a table. One stick person continuously calls the heart a brain.

Oops, Anatomy Error!

One day in my Bio 12 class we were dissecting a lamb heart and for some reason I kept calling the heart a brain even though I knew…

stick figure walking over a sitting persons legs. Sitting person is mad at walking person for going over sitting persons legs.

Myth About Humans

The myth I grew up with was that if you walk over a person’s legs you would stunt their growth or cause them to become shorter.