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Person sitting at their computer thinking of other hobbies to pick up and improve on like skateboarding or football.

Step 8: next caper

From what I have learned from both the study and myself the path no is to decide where to take these skills and apply them to something different.

Person sweating heavily as their running up a flight of stairs while drenched in sweat while in the next panel they are seen glowing with energy.

Step 7: highest height

To give context to this scene, as a personal challenge for my study I decided to exercise on a long path of stairs that crosses into a bike…

A person laying in bed sleeping away as an alarm aggressively blares its tone.

Get cape step 6: hardest day

The hardest day I had to endure was a day right after a graveyard shift and I wanted to sleep in for the day causing a missed day…

The person sitting at their computer imagining themselves exercising and gathering ideas on ways of self-improvement

Step 5: Wear cape and fly

This is a scene of myself reflecting on my data and borough through my notes on what I have learned and how to extend or improve my exercising…

A desk with a computer running while a person is sleeping in their bed.

Missing Data

During my data collection one day instead of being consistent and logging in my recordings I decided to sleep through it and postpone it for tomorrow which in…

Two stick figures talking to each other with one of them asking the other if their leg counts as an arm.

Anatomy Error

In this comic I, the person on the left am talking to my friend one day during lunch discussing how I considered the arm to be considered a…

Two Panels, one shows a person on the computer where as the other show\'s a gym

Get Cape Step one: BackStory

This comic portrays a scene of me spending my free time on the computer when I have left little to no attention spent at my home gym. I…

car driving through a tunnel

myth about humans

As a child I believed in the myth that if you held your breath from start to finish while crossing a tunnel you could make a wish.

stick people talking while a third drops off a bag of chips.

Sun chips

This comic display’s an experience I had awhile ago where I was having a friendly conversation with my friend while a stranger drops a bag of chips into…