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In the comic I am donating anonymously to a friend


In my comic I am giving money to a friend anonymously to her soccer fundraiser

In my comic I am on my bed upset with my tooth in my hand

Humans Myth

I am sitting on my bed upset because I put my tooth under my bed and the tooth ferry did not come to collect it

In this comic I am showing up to work and it says closed

Faulty Memory

In my comic I thought i had work that day when I actually did not so when i showed up It was closed

In my comic I am standing with my boss and we are building a deck

Missing Data

In my comic I was at my work building a deck and when my boss asked me to hemmer in boards I could not because I did not…

in this picture there is a test about the human body

Anatomy Error

In my comic I was in grade 8 taking a Biology test and the test was about the human body and listing the different parts, i was confused…