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a before and after comics. the \

Before and After

This comics show my before and after taking this psychology course. I always had the same mentality towards School; I don’t need it, and it is useless. However,…

a drawing of pikachu with a black tail

Mandela effect

This is a drawing of pikachu, I always remembered pikachu having a black tail but pikachu factually does not have a black tail. I remembered everything wrong

stick figures and drawing of a bus. stick figures with bubble head on them

My Hero’s journey

this is the story of how multiple heroes saved my backpack. I forgot my bag in the bus and I was devastated. Luckily the passenger noticed that I…

The words Dance Audition\

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

This happened on my 1st year of dancing. I auditioned for a competitive dance team and I found it really difficult to keep up. I thought that I…

4 stick figures with the words \

Missing data

This was a time when I went to a dance competition and we were missing one of our members. It turned out that he slept in and so…

Stick figure with surprises face and wordings that say “brain only uses 10% of its capacity”

Oops anatomy error

Stick figure thinking and realizing the brain only uses 10% of its capacity. This is something I believed in for a while until I put research into it….

Kissing your girlfriend will get her pregannt

Human Myth: Kissing will get you pregnant

Left side shows how me kissing my crush and the arrow represents the aftermath; meaning my crush will get pregnant