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A lady holding a broom sweeping

Unprofessional misdiagnosis

My mom has a huge problem with things being out of place and she’s always cleaning so I always tell her I believe she has OCD

Guy on left is sad with no incense guy on right is happy with incense

Before and After

Before the get cape project I didn’t burn incense normally, now the aroma of it calms me down.

A truck flipped, figure with. A broken leg, and bystanders speculating.

Jumping to Conclusions

When I got in a car accident I broke my leg. In pain and shock I was telling myself I wouldn’t walk again, and I was asking the…

Losing sleep to play video games


Most nights I would procrastinate and lose sleep just to play video games not even realizing when the sun would rise.

In a classroom setting the teacher has a an illustration of a pregnant woman on the board.

Oops Anatomy

Growing up in a catholic institution I was under the impression that babies were a gift from God alike the story of the Virgin Mary. Sometime throughout school…