4 Comics Tagged "CAP5.TREVD"

A stickman is looking at the stove where a pot of food is on fire. He puts his hands on his head in disbelief and yells inappropriately, \

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

A stickman burns his food he is cooking and yells an inappropriate word, “Im R*tarded!”

A stickman is sitting on a soccer field, holding his knee in pain. There is a speech bubble that reads, \

Anatomy Mistake

When I was little I hurt my knee playing soccer. I fell to the ground and clutched my knee in pain, but for some reason decided to scream…

This comic shows a stickman holding open a door, and there is a speech bubble above his head that reads, \


My comic shows the simple gesture of a stickman holding open to the door for an anonymous stickwomen.

The top section shows a stick figure filling up a pot with cold water. The bottom section shows a stick figure staring at the stove angry that the water is not boiling yet.

Common myth among humans

The first section of my comic shows a stick figure who is filling up a pot with cold water. There is a common myth that cold water boils…