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A girl calling someone else \

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

This comic represents how I enjoy to call out people who use the outdated and very unprofessional term “retarded” because there is simply no need to use it….

A girl yelling "Hey Jess" and the girl was not Jess.

Faulty Memory

This comic shows the time I thought this new girl I met was named Jess, turns out it was not Jess in fact it was Jules. I tried.

A little girl pointing to her knee crying to an older worker.

Oops, Anatomy Error!

In this comic there is a little girl who had hurt her knee while I was at work. I was very tired and not in the mood for…

Girl sitting at a table typing on a computer, opposite a younger girl also typing on her computer.


My comic is about a project I completed in grade 11 senior mentorship, we had to come up with an idea on how to connect and such with…

A little girl next to Santa holding cookies and a drawn picture, beside a Christmas tree and a large fireplace.

Myth abou Humans

As a little girl I used to believe Santa was sad he did not get as many gifts as he gave out, I thought that every year I…

Myths about Humans

As a little girl I used to run down the stairs in the middle of the night and wait with my own drawing and cookies for Santa, I…