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a side by side juxtaposition of a person, with the texts \

before and after

This is a comparison of myself from week 1 and week 12!! Thank you to everyone for their help, their company, their knowledge.

Person looking ahead. There is an arrow with the text \

Missing Data

I couldn’t rack up a moment of missing data, however I realized I knew a common source of it. I have memory problems that shock many adults as…

A person, hand lifted to their mouth in thought. Kidney-shaped objects are in the background, above question marks.

Oops, Anatomy Error! Where the Kidneys???

I have always been completely unaware of where the kidney was. Is it higher up in the body? is it near the hips? by the sides? I still…

A person lying down in bed, eyes wide, as a thought bubble presents motion lines as though their surroundings are shaking.


In a time where I was haunted constantly of the infamous “superquake” that supposedly happens every ~300 years or so, I woke up and found myself unable to…

Stick figure distressed at a laptop with the text \

Myth about Humans

Growing up with the internet, I met with a lot of bait and chain mail that endorsed engaging in routines for the sake of attention by using something…

Stick figure person looking at jack in the box


When I was younger, I’d lament about not being able to get Christmas presents. One night, I found a jack-in-the-box by the windowsill on my floor, and I…