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A stuck figure sitting on a floor, crying and feeling low.

step#6 (hardest day) Feeling low

There is a stick man figure who is stressed out and thinking that he will not be able to complete his tasks as there is not much time…

This comix reveal a relaxed stickman figure, who is calm and focused, standing beside the table and chair, stretching body. He is following the time management practice and not using phone while doing work to gain maximum efficiency as the productivity increases when we do one task at a time with full focus. This practice of time management helps in finishing the tasks on time or even before the deadline.

Step#4 – day 7 – (halfway) getting better at meeting deadlines.

Stickman’s figure has completed his task and stretching his body while standing beside the chair. He looks calm and relaxed.

In this comix, The stick man is planning to start managing his time while doing his daily chores. there is a clock stating that the time never stops for anyone and we have to manage our work according to it.

step#3 managing my time

The stick figure is having a thought process of managing his time. He needs to schedule his whole day to focus on one thing at a time to…

The figure is sitting on the desk and doing some work.

WEAR CAPE: DAY 1 of Planning and organizing tasks

The figure in the comix is sitting on a desk and doing some work on the laptop. He is planning his schedule for the day in his mind…

There is a boy who is stressed out from the course load and attending back to back online classes. to

back story

The boy is boy sitting on his study table to attend his online class nut he has many thoughts running on his mind which are acting as an…