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before picture: person w small brain and heart, after picture: person w big brain and heart

Before and After

I really enjoyed this class and the project. Its a new fun way to learn while also paying mind to mental health.

two people in conversation, one asks the other whats wrong, response is im depressed lol


I think a lot of people joke around w their friends when they’re sad by saying they’re depressed even though they haven’t been professionally diagnosed.

Zombie with text that says \

Team challenge – CapU Happiness proposed project – TEAM ACTIVITY

Our tshirt implies that when you’re tired, you take on a sluggish zombie state. Taking a nap would help re energize.

Girl crying, compass card missing


I lost my compass card on the way to work and couldn’t go to work.

girl touching her forehead


When I was drunk one time, my friend was trying to sobriety test me by getting me to touch my nose with my eyes closed. I failed and…

A girl wearing a choker necklace, next image beside her is her taking the choker off, her head falls off, lots of blood


when i was in elementary school there was a myth about girls who wear ribbon chokers. Once a girl puts on a choker, she cant take it off…