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stick figure with highlights with speech bubble above their head saying “omg i’m so OCD” with a disappointed stick figure underneath

unprofessional misdiagnosis

An old friend of mine decided to say that she was super OCD and my other friend was super disappointed due to them actually being diagnosed with OCD.

black background separated by a white line on the top half two stick figures are shown disagreeing and having an argument with speech bubbles and “x’s” accompanying it on the bottom the same stick figures are shown agreeing with check marks floating above their heads

Jumping to Conclusions

This happens fairly often in my household, my mom and grandma sounded like they were having an argument because I heard raised voices. When I went downstairs to…

a black shirt with our catch phrase “nowhere 2 now here” on the front and a thumbs up on the back

Nowhere 2 Now here

TEAM CHALLENGE – Growing happiness at CapU during the pandemic

a disgruntled face next to a speech bubble says \


I have spent many nights staying up to study and end up going to sleep late. Sometimes I would wake up in a panic but then realize it’s…

two stick figures are conversing with a page break to a disgruntled looking stick figure

myths about humans

When I was younger a friend of mine told me that we had tailbones because we used to have tails! They said that it would fall off as…

a stick figure places sticky note on a blue locker, page breaks to show a different stick figure smiling at the sticky note


Back in high school I was a peer counsellor. As a peer counsellor we were given an assignment to leave an anonymous note on a grade eight’s locker….