5 Comics Tagged "CAP3.SOPHY"

A stick figure imagines two people sitting together with a heart above their heads. An arrow also shows two stick figures saying, \

Jumping to conclusions

My comic shows how I have incorrectly assumed that my partner was hanging out with their ex, and how I jumped to insecure conclusions!

A person stands in the kitchen with question marks over their head. A recipe book is on a table.

Missing data

My comic illustrates a person missing a recipe while they are cooking dinner which is causing confusion.

A face with an open mouth shows the uvula with an arrow saying \

Oops, anatomy error!

An anatomy error I always used to think was that the uvula was actually called the epiglottis.

A person is shown sleeping in a bed, and a speech bubble can be read saying gibberish.


In my comic I decided to draw myself sleep talking. I’ve been told that I talk in my sleep every other night, and it it usually gibberish or…

Stick figure eats carrots and then turns orange

Myth about humans

I have always been told that if you eat too many carrots you would turn completely orange. This makes me laugh and this is something that pops into…