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two stick figures talking but later on, one of them overthinks about the situation and misread the situation

Jumping to conclusions: wrongly interpreted

it happened a long time ago but me and my now best friend were talking and she seemed so un interested and bored so when she left I…

stick figure putting the final project together and making sure have everything ready.

oh no!! I forgot the important the material

once I had a term project which was a literature review, i did the whole project put together all the data like ideas, statistics and examples but forgot…

Stick figure donating anonymously to lesser fortune


Every year for birthdays and important events my family and I donate to care homes or orphanage anonymously either food or clothes.

Stick figure chewing a gum and accidentally swallowed it.

Oops!! Swallowed the gum!

As a kids my parents always told me to not swallow the gum as it remains in your body for at least 7 years and it can also…