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A split-in-two illustration one titled "before", the other "after" . The before side shows me unhappy about everything and the after side shows me acknowledging the good amongst the bad and making me happier.


Two sides on a comic show the before and after of my get cape endeavors. Before, I would mentally focus on the negative, but now, I see the…

Me, suddenly realizing its not actually Wednesday and I have gotten the days of the week wrong.


I am suddenly having a lightbulb moment and realizing that it isn’t actually Wednesday and that I had the days of the week wrong. Luckily I still managed…

Me, taking a shower while sleep deprived, and there is a cloud showing I am feeling like I am under to ocean with the words \


Here, I am taking a shower after 24 hours of having not slept, and the feeling of being encompassed in water gives me hallucinations and I see sea…

standing in front of filing cabinet to get papers and forgetting which body part I need papers for

oops, anatomy error!

I am trying to get the right papers ready for work from the filing cabinet, but I keep forgetting the difference between cervical and lumbar and which is…

two characters. one helping the other

anonymous act of kindness

I noticed that someone’s money had fallen out of their bag and they had not noticed, so I let them know so they could pick it up.