5 Comics Tagged "CAP3.KIAS"

One side a stick figure sleeping, a clock saying 8, and text saying \

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

Last week I had a meeting with my teacher in Denmark, he told me that we should meet at 5 pm, he apparently meant danish time and I…

A stick figure with small ears and a bubble saying \

Oops, anatomy error!

When I was a kid I had (and still have) small ears. Some people told me it was the only body part that will never grow, and I…

A stick figure in bed and another sleepwalking coming back into the room


When I was younger I was often sleepwalking. One night my roommate woke up when I came back into the room and we never found out where I…

Stick figure person walking away from the car. Another stick figure person picking up the other persons wallet.


My friend is always losing her stuff and it makes her sad every time. Once she walked out of the car and dropped her wallet without noticing it….

people eating at the beach and one person drowning

Myth about humans

When I was a child I was always told that if you go swimming right after you ate you would get cramps and maybe drown. So in the…