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Two stick figures left side small and the one on the right side big, two arrows pointing towards the big stick figure

Before/After this taking this course

I think I grow as a person, I learned new things, I laughed, and I enjoyed every minute of class.

One stick figure and blank bubble thought

Oops, anatomy error!

I have a difficult time remembering parts of the human body. When I first arrived in Canada from Brasil; every time that I wanted to say something related…

One stick figure holding a stick figure of a newborn baby, a number 48 written on the top of the comic and a bubble thought coming from a mom stick figure saying \

Sleep?! Not if you are a mom

This comic shows the day my son was born and I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep for 48 hours. I felt like if I went to…

There is a stick figure, a house and an open umbrella.

Myths about humans

I was told that if you open an umbrella inside your house, it brings bad luck. And for some reason even that I don’t believe that it will…

There are two stick figure people, one clock indicating that is 3 pm.


My Comic shows a day when I helped a coworker anonymously. My Coworker was late and I know that her shift starts at 3 pm, so I decided…