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One stick figure says \

Jumping to the wrong conclusion

I told my mother that the test that day was difficult. She quickly assumed that I failed it. Which I didn’t.

In the first panel (top left) a stick figure is getting ready to paint. Second panel they look for something missing. Third panel

Missing Data

I was getting ready to paint, I had all I needed. Brushes, canvas, thinner, etc. But I suddenly realised I had no paint! So, I had to go…

A green stick figure tells a blue stick figure that the organ it\'s pointing at is a \

Opps, anatomy error!

I was telling a friend that a kidney is a “Kitney”. She told me I was wrong and we went back and forth for a good five minutes….

In the first panel, a stick figure dreams about a conversation with another figure. The next panel shows the figure having a conversation with the same figure, the alarms the first figure.


In the first panel, I dream about having a conversation with someone I’ve never met before. In the following panel, a have the very same conversation with that…

Two stick figures sit in desks, side by side. One passes answers to the other.


Back in highschool, around ninth grade, I saw that my good friend was having a lot of trouble with his quiz. I wrote down my answers on a…

Old saint Nick sneaks to your Christmas tree. Then a small stick figure finds a present, which they show to a larger figure.

Human myths

My parents are very literal and straight with me, so there aren’t many things i can chose from here. I was also a sceptic child. So, I have…