5 Comics Tagged "CAP3.CHARK"

Man is in his room, sitting by the corner, talking to friends in the phone, and sleeping for most of the time.


People misdiagnosed me for having depression because I was in my room all day and all night during quarantine.

stick man looks miserable, but gained resonance and love from his 101 class, because of the professor and the colleagues he has acquired through the course.


The friends, the memories, and the lectures along the way have been the most memorable for me from the past four months. I will never see a class…

Glassed child thinking about the brain and lungs being the same thing through a thought bubble, looking confused and puzzled about it.

Oops! Anatomy error!

When I was younger, I was under the impression that the brain is our lungs, and blocking the ears would breath the airway and let me choke. That…

Stick figure person is distracted and looking at his phone in the night.


I have a bad tendency to stay up in the morning, whiling my sleeping hours away by surfing through Youtube, Instagram, as well as texting my friends. Ugh!…

Stick figure exclaims to another stick figure for \'eating wrong\' at the dinner table, a shock ensues before \'he chews on the right direction.\'

Myth About Humans

My family carry the myth that if you eat and chew on a specific side of your mouth, then you will become much smarter and wiser in the…