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A stick figure who drives a car and a red traffic light

Myth About Humans-Traffic lights

In my childhood, I believed that drivers cannot hit the brakes because of the red light. In the meantime, I realized that the problem wasn’t related to any…

To get gas from the station, three stick figures are pushing the car. Airport and gasoline station are shown.


My dad, his friends, and I were heading to the airport when suddenly, the car stopped because we were out of gas. As I had a midterm the…

Stick figures are at the labrotary, along with a professor and students. There is also a cadaver lying down.


During my previous university experience, I saw a cadaver. When an anatomy professor described the organs, I confused kidney with pancreas, but then he corrected me.

A stick person is walking. In the comic, there are two classes.

Faulty Memory

I used to have a philosophy class on Mondays, but I dropped it. In the following week I was mistaken about having another class after English class. Since…

Two stick people stand next to the two beds in the dormitory.The room has a cabinet and a vacuum.

Unprofessional Misdiagnosis

As a student living in a dormitory, my roommate was always complaining about how clean I was. She told me that I might have OCD. Many people diagnose…

A person lying on the bed. A stich figure person having trouble during the sleep.


When I was younger, I felt like my soul left my body. I was there but it felt like floating. OBE’s occured because I was under stress.