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In this modern time of innovation, each and everyone is having distractions that stand up to be unproductive, it can be mobile phones, television or before long, we went through most of the time utilizing it which disturbs our resting cycle and we cannot focus anything like, studies or office work. I am having this am issue since past few months, and which is also imperiling my academics an mental wellbeing as well, so I chose to arrange tp progress it .I would meditate 20 minutes two times per day, and I will be observing the change in my productivity and my focus in studies. I hope the results would be beyond my expectations.

Meditate can change life!

As regards the least one comic, wherein I spent my day playing video games, Netflix and usage of the mobile phone, so I had an extremely ineffective day….

The comic illustrates the merits of exercising and picking up a healthy lifestyle


In my stick figure scene a girl has been following unhealthy lifestyle leading to many problems which she wants to mitigate once she picks up exercising which are…