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You are nearing the end of our course. Time to reflect on what you have learned this term in Introduction to Psychology. CREATE a Before/After comic that shows how you have changed as a result of coming in contact with the Intro Psyc course content and learning activities.

Two stick figures left side small and the one on the right side big, two arrows pointing towards the big stick figure

Before/After this taking this course

I think I grow as a person, I learned new things, I laughed, and I enjoyed every minute of class.

Stick figure shows me as previously I had no knowledge about Psychology but now I\'m familiar with it.


In this comic, I have shown the time when I had no knowledge about psychology and I was so confused and nervous that how I have to present…

a before and after comics. the \

Before and After

This comics show my before and after taking this psychology course. I always had the same mentality towards School; I don’t need it, and it is useless. However,…

On the left side, a stick figure girl has a big smile across her face. On the right side, a stick figure girl also has a big smile across her face

Before and After taking this course

Before taking PSYCH 1100 I was happy and content, and after taking PSYCH 1100 I am still happy. Nothing drastically changed about me during the duration of this…